• Cleaning out freeze-ups in furnaces or ladles.

  • Cutting spills into pieces for easy handling.

  • Removing cupola skulls.

  • Opening difficult tap holes.

  • Cutting and removing refractory materials.

  • Salvaging heavy sections of cast iron and nonferrous metals, such as bronze, copper, aluminium, and stainless steel.

  • Penetrating holes or severing sections of concrete.

  • Underwater cutting applications.


Thermolance burning bars were used to assist in demolishing this bridge.

"Using an acetylene torch would take four days. The Thermolance process takes about half that time," Bill Sofranko, project supervisor for Trispan Corp of New Middletown. - Tribune Chronicle, Aug. 3, 2004

Bridge Bridge

Large Equipment

The SIlver Spade: a surface mining drag line, was the second largest piece of equipment in the world. Notice the triple axle dump truck compared to the size of the machine.

Large Equipment Large Equipment

Large Equipment Large Equipment


Sixty-five ton iron melt discovered in furnace of shut down steel mill. Thermolance burning bars were purchased to efficiently cut this iron melt to a manageable scrap size.



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