Thermolance and Oxygen Lance Pipe

Our quality Thermolance and Oxygen Lance pipe products have many attractive standard features.  We are also able to respond to custom orders.  Read on to learn more...


Our pipe is available in a variety of sizes, lengths, and end conditions.

We manufacture our own pipe, thus allowing for tight control of product quality.

Our pipe is made from 14 Ga. H.R.P. carbon steel.

All of our pipe goes through a cleaning process in preparation for oxygen lance applications.

Oxygen Lance Pipe

Confused about the difference between Thermolance and Oxygen Lance pipe?  Click here to learn more.

Pipe Sizes

(Information applies to both Thermolance and Oxygen Lance)

Pipe Size (inches) O.D. (Decimal Eqv.) Compatible Holders* Length
1/8 .405 2700 & 9000 Series Standard Pipe Length = 10' 6"

Other lengths are available by request.

1/4 .540 2700 & 9000 Series
3/8 .675 5700 & 9000 Series
1/2 .840 5700 & 9000 Series
3/4 1.050 9000 Series

* Refer to Pipe Holder page.

End Conditions

(Information applies to both Thermolance and Oxygen Lance)

Plain End (P.E.)

Threaded End (T.C.)

Quick-Couple End (Q.C.)

The Quick-Couple End is our standard and most popular lance pipe end option.  It's designed for a very fast joining action...the plain end of the remaining piece of a previous pipe is pushed into the swagged end of the next pipe, tapped against a solid object, and immediately locked together (see photo at right).  Not only does this allow for a quick change, but it reduces waste by using the entire lance pipe.

Packaging Options

(Custom bundle sizes are available, if required.)


It is standard policy for each Thermolance to be capped with a protective end cap on the holder entry end.  For practical reasons, Thermolance is first packed into 10-piece sub bundles (S.B.).  Ten sub bundles are combined to make a master lift bundle (M.B. - see photo at right) of 100-pieces.  The non-capped end of the master bundle is then covered with a protective plastic bag. 

Oxygen Lance

Oxygen Lance pipe is generally shipped in 100-piece bundles (custom-sized bundle shown at left).  Unlike Thermolance, Oxygen Lance pipe ends are not capped.  However, standard-size bundles are covered with protective plastic bags at both ends.

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