Thermolance/Oxygen Lance?


The Thermolance is a self-contained tool which cuts, burns, or melts without noise.  This is also true of the Oxygen Lance.  But what is the difference between the two devices?

The Oxygen Lance consists of a carbon steel pipe, fed with oxygen, that burns, melts, and cuts other substances.

The Thermolance is also a steel pipe, but it is packed with a combination of wire inserts (see photo above).  Fed with oxygen, it burns at a higher temperature than the Oxygen Lance can achieve...high enough to melt practically any material from concrete to stainless steel, copper, and aluminum.  In addition, the Thermolance maintains its ignition, is more effective and controllable than the Oxygen Lance, and burns for about four minutes.   

Only a minimal amount of equipment (see photo at left) is required for the operation of this very effective method of cutting.  Many industries have found the Thermolance to be the most advantageous method, whether for use on a daily basis or periodically as cutting problems occur.

Click here to view operating instructions and Thermolance performance examples.


  • Time is saved by the rapid rate at which the Thermolance performs.

  • The small amount of portable equipment required.

  • Reaches otherwise inaccessible areas.

  • No problems with dampness as is often experienced with the powder lance.

  • Long storage life under reasonable conditions.

  • Requires a minimum of experience to operate.


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